Autel Alpha is an intelligent industrial drone for multi-purpose. Boasting significant enhancements in autonomous flight capabilities,
anti-interference capabilities, obstacle avoidance capabilities, video transmission technology, and battery systems, it injects robust
performance into the flight platform. With a foldable design and IP55-rating level, it tackles challenging environments. The built-in
RTK dual-antenna system ensures precise control within millimeters when carrying out the missions. Paired with the next-gen
DG-L35T gimbal, it integrates a 560x hybrid zoom camera, dual thermal imaging cameras, a visible light wide-angle camera, and a
laser rangefinder. The dual thermal imaging cameras meet the needs of both short-range overview and long-range detail observation,
achieving distant operation scenarios with unobstructed personnel recognition within an 8-kilometer range, providing more
professional and comprehensive solutions for applications such as public safety, energy inspection, and emergency management.

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